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13/10/12: TCHAD/Organisation militaire: Dans sa quête de vouloir museler le nord du Tchad, Idriss Deby Itno nomme le lieutenant-colonel Hassan Kalibou au poste de commandant adjoint de la zone de défense N°6 par décret. Notons que depuis un certain moment, plusieurs forces militaires sont envoyées vers la frontière Tchad/Libye, une zone désertique propice à la rébellion armée. En nommant un Toubou à comme commandant de cette zone, Deby veut maitriser une zone par nature non maitrisable à cause de sa complexité géographique. 

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Nom : ouchar fayçal
Email : markousfils72@yahoo.fr
Commentaire : je voudrais suivre actualité sur votre réseau en espérant les informations fournis sera fondées et vérifiable
Nom : Nicolas
Email : twotom@mediagate.ne.jp
Commentaire : jay As I stated on aoehtnr board, please read the history of ‘Apartheid’, which is only the literal Afrikaans word for segregation before posting about it as if you knew the history. It was the British that instigated segregation and racial discrimination not only in South Africa, but in India, New Zealand, Australia and most of its other colonies. It is also interesting to note, that all colonies practiced segregation, including America. While slavery was accepted in all other colonies, South Africa banned it in the 1800’s.A historical breakdown of ‘Apartheid’ or in fact segregation, shows that every single country at one point or aoehtnr practiced segregation, while it is still practiced in Bahrain, Fiji, India, Israel, Malaysia, the UAE and Yemen.What I truly find funny is that the previous government of South Africa is still being singled out as the poster child of apartheid, but when you look at the time line and the damages caused by other countries towards their indigenous people, South Africa at that time was actually not the worst offender. That title goes to the British and to America which systematically tried to and in most cases where successful in eliminating indigenous culture, in America just read more about the ‘Trail of Tears’ and in the case of the British (and in a smaller scale America), their absolute disgusting treatment of the Irish.Another fun fact:America ended segregation in 1970… (After race riots and political pressure)South Africa ended segregation in 1994… (After a previous election was held in which the ‘Evil’ whites voted yes to end segregation, let me spell that out again, an election was held, asking white South Africans if they wanted to end segregation)That is only a 24 year difference.Unfortunately racism still runs rampant everywhere. And it is not only a Black vs. White issue; it’s white vs. white. Culture vs. culture, religion vs. religion and the list goes on. Unfortunately tolerance has really never been a good trait in Homo sapiens.Read people, please.

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